Feeling of worthlessness constant torment eating you out
starts underneath lower belly with a sense of heavyness in chest asking your angel to cope up with the demon but i am the demon
Angels don’t help demon and that’s not the problem
Problem is i am the demon

I am not scared of it.


Shades of love


Not everyone deserves the real you ,you are not every man’s cup of tea , they all want to love you but you are a disaster in making if they don’t know how to keep you ,you are mysteriously beautiful in the most terrifying sort of way.

When you are not given the reason to stay you are a fantasy turned fiasco and maybe that’s why you have been a mere shadow to all those who tried to see you just in the light, but feared your darkness and fled away as soon as evening fell.

While I have, not just seen the shadow become prominent because I look for the light in you hiding in your dark.I have witnessed your infinite shades
When I embrace your darkness with my shades of love

I watch in awe the way you churn, to quell me of all my fears and all my favorites shades of love, i find them all in your eyes so true


Darkness of freedom


When you are surrounded by Darkness of freedom, So darkness you become.

Freedom with darkness is like a liability almost as over-rated as safety or sanity

When you want to throw something through a window you want to scream in someone’s face but we don’t act like that around here, do we?

We avoid the hassle chase

When you want to grab someone and kiss them, dive in
to love’s sweet curse but you stop, and which one would be worse?

Drowning in misery, Gulping water instead of air, When you think u were gone

That’s when you were there

All these choices and consequences are enough to make my head hurt, sometimes sour and sometimes sweet.
We have to live to learn.

depression · hope · love · motivation



I am in love, is that a weakness?

If so, then call me weak and leave me alone.

Is it easy to sleep in despondency !!? Or to wake up to another day with your heart pounding like a scared bitch. Life is hard stuff, One must have a thick skin to cope with it, not for you lil delicate.
What do one craves for  a caress across the face that leaves a mark, offer a dance, a kiss, a warm embrace.

Why does one remain in position when the defeat leaves our heart broken?

Why do we continue to live when we are expecting the best, but only experiencing our demons?

It is laborious to live knowing that there’s a bridge ahead for you to cross,
and yet, you are barely able to keep up with the trouble that is currently in front of you.

When bridge is harmonious, and is felt in synchronicity, everything will work out for both of us.
How could it not? We are  wise, intelligent, giving, caring, empathic.

The journey may seem tedious. But, We take courage to hold it as a fist in our heart and take one step at a time,

Stay positive and willing to go the EXTRA miles, We will get there. Keep holding on. WE will get there. It may not be today, tomorrow or the day after, but We will get there.




“Stop whining like a girl”


“Stop whining like a girl”

“Be a man!!”

Narcissistic, Ruthless, Hypocrite audience been molding the man out of you.

Who made you the stronger sex ?

Trenching you from the instant you were born that you are strong and painting any color but ‘pink’.

Why are all things associated with the feminine weak? Why? You hear people say stop acting like a girl?

How are girls?

We hear people say stop walking like a girl , how do girls walk? “Be a man” , “he’s such a girl” . Why is it normal that being a man connotes strength and being a woman connotes weakness.

You, my beloved is unique,characteristic in your own way. No gender must have “pink” denoting as their weakness, I love pink and i am not feminine for that. Anything regarding feminine is considered stupid or irrelevant.The moment you have a baby girl we buy her dolls pink clothes, this stereotypical mentality of associating colors with sex.

Really? Colours are just colours. Girls wear any colour of clothes but men have become so picky because they do not want to look like a girl. Stereotypes who cannot wear yellow , purple ,or whatever colour the world has associated with women.

If blue was the “normal” colour for girls, men would hate blue if it was brown, they would hate brown. We are drenching in the beliefs that were born with enigmatic ego of earlier era.


Cursed souls…

Breaking-Down-the-Shame-of-Male-Depression-RM-722x406Don’t you see that a few excruciating experiences can’t be expressed?

That depths of our soul can’t be put into words ?

Yes  it feels that words are simply cried out of our hearts and yes, I do come close to reveal the essence of that pain, yet I fail. Again & again.

I come close to find the answer to all of my questions and yet… the answer swifts away like a whirl of wind  like a soft whisper disappearing right before i can have it.

I want to talk/speak more than I can, more than I am capable of. Words are my biggest failure. Words has executed more souls than one can imagine.

Words has made all my dreams hitherto. Without the ability to express my emotions, without the ability to pass them on, to leave something behind,this curse will never reach denouement.

words fail to express what my heart so desperately want to declaim.

I feel in such a way that the fire that burns inside the chest is menacing to smash the world.I am strong yet I feel weak, because all i want to be able to contain in punctuation marks is something that brings out the best in me.

Just offer her a glimpse into my soul and hope that she can see and feel what I see and feel Why would that not be enough? We are all similar in nature.

We are all alike . we love and we feel .That’s it.

Words make us feel less alone, and let us know that there is someone out there who’s just like me. There’s great comfort in that, in knowing that the one with the sword the one with the roses is you always you.